As of June 2021, Leeuwarden municipality has implemented a new contract for the delivery of IT equipment, that gives special attention to the circularity of the products. This mainly concerns the reuse of devices and the sustainable processing of raw materials.
Laptops, screens, tablets and mobile phones that are written off after 3 years can be given a second life (after deleting the information on the device). Unfortunately in the municipality, after 3 years, critical security updates are often no longer supported. But still as a so-called ‘refurbished’ copy.
Second Life
According to experts, a smartphone has already been produced for every citizen of the world. In the tender requirements it is stated that a depreciated device is returned for every purchased device. In this way, old equipment will have a second life.
If equipment can’t be returned because it concerns, for example, expansion, the supplier must remove the same type of equipment from the waste stream and make it reusable. This is called the “one for one” system.

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