First Interregional Workshop

The first interregional Workshop for CircLocal took place the 26/04/2021, split up into a morning session from 10.00 – 11.50 and after that, an afternoon session from 15.00 – 16.45 (CEST).

In addition, the workshop that Identify follow-ups projects for the structures and processes that work to incorporate social and environmental elements and an open a dialogue with the market with innovative ways of inclusion, it interactively showcased and shared Leeuwarden’s and the region of Fryslân’s most inspiring four best practices and regional knowledge regarding circular public procurement.

Funded by the European Commission under the COSME programme, CircLocal Project aims to stimulate Circular Public Procurement by sharing best practices, developing regional action plans and building on the international circular community. Therefore, the ambition for this European project is to identify and design activities that will have an impact on its audience (those that can contribute to the development, evaluation, and uptake of the project outcomes) by setting a new standard for procurement that sparks innovation, increases awareness and lowers climate impact.

Moreover, to maximise the impact on stakeholders outside of the consortium of partners, it is critical to ensure that the project is building a social and circular economy community on inter-regional and regional levels that focuses on innovative ways of procurement.

To sum up, CircLocal is an international initiative by the Region of Coimbra (PT), the municipality of Novo Mesto (SI), Startup Europe Regions Network and the municipality of Leeuwarden (NL) working together to the reach of its goal, identified with the growth and strengthen of the community of local public authorities working on circular procurement.

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